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01-31-2019 Terrestrial Show

Bubba will be getting Caveman a laptop so he doesnt have to stay so late
Bubba plans on crafting a letter to Australian PDs for possible syndication
Bubba asks Caveman to see what possible interviews we can give them

SEG 2:
Bubba continues to talk about Australian pipe dreams
Bubba talks about the Kyle & Jackie O show
Bubba talks about BRN Power Bill
‘Power Bill Hello’
Blitz, Caveman and Manson guess the Power Bill

SEG 3:
Tyler’s motor blew up last night during hot laps
Bubba/Tyler’s Winter Nationals have been ruined
Bubba talks about how he handles his gimmicks while driving home
Its race track talk on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show
Bubba gets into a story about a racer who had a carbon monoxide leak in their hauler
Bubba gets into emails:
– Violent J’s son plays fortnite on Twitch, Violent J is moderator
– Hogan v. Gawker was mentioned on a show on Freeform
Bubba wants to recreate famous V Day times square kiss pic with Manson after Bubba’s vindicated

SEG 4:
Bubba asks Regina who frustrates Tom Bean more; Bubba or Tom’s brother
LightStream – Baby Face
Bubba comes up with “sexy law talk’’ – Regina talking about dirty law talk
Bubba thinks Dr. Dan should do the “sexy law talk” for people who want a male
Baby Face talk about Dr. Dan’s vanity
Bubba wants a Dan’s Army t-shirt
CALLER- Alimony question- Trump legislation makes alimony more expensive
CALLER- Jerry the Jobber- brought in daughter, her boyfriend and her 3 kids.
Jerry’s daughter took PERCS from his wife
Jerry wants to know how to evict his daughter and her boyfriend but keep the kids
Bubba shows off pic of Pookie in Bubba’s water truck at BRP
For Hims
Bubba asks Baby Face’s opinion on the Hogan/Cox trial
Baby Face made friends with everyone in his neighborhood by throwing a block party that way he could be HOA President
Bubba starts showing off his hat collection
CALLER- Jacob from SC

SEG 5:
Manson’s smashing the Chik-fil-a
Bubba asks that Tom brings Polynesian sauce
Bubba wished he had Brian in studio to help Bubba write his letter to the Australian PDs

SEG 6:
Forever Tantra
Bubba gets back into talking about his Australian dreams
Bubba plays some Kyle & Jackie O show clips
Bubba reads his letter to Brian to help him smarten it up

Bubba starts to talk about the ‘deadly’ polar vortex
Bubba wants to know how long will the sun last
Bubba wants to know if we’d live without the sun
Touch Vodka
Bubba gets into polar vortex story

CALLER – FMC REBORN – Wants to pay his way into BRN Royalty Party by helping us with $2000 worth of marketing

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