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11-28-2018 Terrestrial Show


Rob’s not here today
Bubba asks Blitz to fix his replay machine
Bubba promos Waters vs. Kahn

Drunk kim and rainbow rick are the best
Bubba talks BRN Christmas tree
BRN Christmas tree is worth over $1,200
Manson asks do we have any ornaments
Bubba reads email from Jim Geist regarding ornaments
Does Trace remember where the ornaments are?
CALLER GEORGE – Has a boat motor for Trace but won’t give it to him until Trace calls him
Bubba talks Willy Crane
Bubba wants Trace to look for the ornaments listeners sent us last year
Ned shot leads into the Virgil dates himself urban legend
Bubba asked for adjoining rooms for this weekend’s Charleston event
Bubba PROMO – Drunk kim and rainbow rick made everyone at the BRN personalized ornaments
Bubba wants to put ornaments on tree by BRN member’s seniority
CALLER Mike from Dexter talks Roger Stone and Ned Larry Bird Song
Bubba is going to be up Ned’s ass until he gets Larry’s song done
Bubba teases previous firings
Bubba asks Mike from Dexter to remind Bubba of ‘Larry Bird Week’ next Monday

Bubba sprayed down Trace
Bubba talks fart validation, disappointed in Trace and Tuddle
Bubba makes deal, if Tuddle can muster up a fart this week he can do whatever he wants for his mustache
Tuddle asks Bubba for nips
Bubba wants Tuddle to grab all liquor bottles and bring them to him for distribution
Bubba goes through all of the farts that Trace has given to Tuddle
Light Stream
Tuddle wants to get some money to start his own t-shirt business
Bubba wants less heat from the plebes of the BRN
Bubba goes into emails, fans seem to like Roger Stone
Bubba talks yesterday’s interview with Roger Stone
Bubba talks Roger Stone, Robert Mueller, and WikiLeaks
Bubba talks event at Honky Tonk Saloon in Charleston, SC
Bubba plans to drive to Georgia and let Bubba Lite drive the rest of the way to Charleston
Bubba can now move in on Lauren
Bubba plays clips from last Wednesday’s Buds & Suds

Bubba wants to shorten up the Charleston promos
Trace owes Bubba a shot since his bumper music was dirty
Bubba teases Soap Man Waters VS. Rob Kahn in the BRN Green Room
Trace taps Rob out he gets a boat motor
Trace survives the 2mins with Rob he gets to shave off his mustache
Bubba says Rob Kahn wouldn’t take a dive
Tuddle blows Trace in about putting his dirt bike in his new car
Marshall from Omaggio Catering called in
Bubba tells Tuddle to take his Bubba Rex shirt off and to put on a different shirt
Bubba hands out the BRN Christmas ornaments to everyone
Bubba and Manson put up their ornaments
We cannot find Ned’s ornament
Bubba goes into a BRN Christmas parody song/bit medley
***2007 – Springsteen Christmas – Need to find in NEXGEN / BAR***
Bubba starts going over times/programming for Twitch-cember

Bubba plays newest Elder Ford Ned Song
Bubba slaps trace with Magical Butter Love Glove for screwing up his bump ins
Bubba plays more clips from Buds & Suds
CALLER Joe the Super Mark – Talks trial, Bubba Mania, Bubba getting high on markers.
Trace farts on Tuddle again…
Bubba asks the guys if they’ve ‘dated themselves’
Bubba gets into Big Girl Nationals
Bubba talks about his experience in a demolition derby
Bubba talks about Elwood from BRP and how he’s a mountain of a man
Tom Bean rented BRP to Bubba for a dollar so he could do Big Girl Nationals
Bubba goes over the sponsors for the Big Girl Nationals
Bubba goes over the specific events for the Big Girl Nationals
CALLER Florida Stanley – has a street legal go kart that goes 120MPH for Trace
Bubba plays Buds & Suds clips – Stoned Joey Logano talks about girl he almost hooked up with that had Herpes
CALLER Longwood – says Bubba may dress in drag to win BGN
Bubba plays BRN Springsteen 1998
Bubba mentions Big Dick’s involvement in Hogan Tape
Continues BRN Springsteen 1998

Bubba promos this weekend’s event at Honky Tonk Saloon
Bubba goes over the gift pack that fans will get at this weekend’s VIP event
Bubba goes over the BGN, judges, sponsors, etc
Tom Bean isn’t necessarily cool with the BGN
If Rob Kahn doesn’t get to the BRN by 10AM does that mean a vacated title?
Rob Kahn is here to take on Trace
Rob Kahn & Trace do a stare down
Bubba catches up with Rob Kahn
Bubba played audio of Trace smack talking and show predictions for Rob
Bubba asks for Rob’s prediction for Trace Vs. Rob Kahn

CALLER Glory Hole Greg – Asks Bubba about Howard writing his forward
Bubba asks Rob Kahn about the last time he got tapped out
Everyone goes to the green room to watch Trace vs. Rob Kahn
Bubba recaps what went down in the green room
Bubba asks Rob about some of his students
Bubba and Rob talk about having Trace go against Rob’s other students

Bubba talks driving up to Charleston for this weekend’s gig
Bubba only makes bathroom breaks when he gets gas
Bubba plans on stopping at BRP on the way up to Charleston
Bubba wants to make sandwiches for the guys
Blitz suggests Bubba just stops off at McDonalds
Bubba wants to leave Charleston for Tampa Sunday Morning at 6AM
VIPs get to take their pic with the Ned Puppet no one else

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