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10-09-18 The Buds and Suds Show

Hour 1
-Trace opens with Gucci Mane song
-Trace/Tuddle review their drunk show from last week
-Tuddle getting farted on
-Can we get Tuddle’s father on the phone?
-Traces run away from home
-Did trace break Bubba’s board
-Buds and Suds calls Bubba’s cell
-Trace and Tuddle need to get laid
-Caller “red” from Charleston
-Trace used to hate Colton before they were friends
-caller “Trace’s sugar momma”
-caller wants to have sex with Bubba begs him to “F*** Him”
-trace has short man syndrome
-nobody is in studio when we come back
-Trace/Tuddle karaoke songs
-Traces friend Chase
-life jacket talk
-a “cop” called the show

Hour 2
-caller “purple jersey”
-picking up woman
-who’s garden is better
-Trace’s birthday story
-Tuddle calls his dad live
-Tuddle talks his radio career
-Tuddle admits that his Ex wife made his top 8 playlist
-Tuddle admits he still loves his Ex wife
-Trace’s birthday story

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