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10-02-2018 Terrestrial Show

Bubba popped on the previously, Tuddle gets a nip
Greasy Tuddle and his greasy hair
Tuddle claims he showered and washed his hair, Bubba doesn’t think so

Cheyenne from Supreme Clean of Carrollwood talk
Rob having a gender reveal party

Mike’s Pizza
Mike’s Pizza meet up
Bubba is going bald
Talk of Tuddle’s greasy hair

Sunbelt Rentals
Touch Vodka
Sean, the weirdo from Charleston SC, calls in to talk Unsigned Band Review
Bubba talks Kavanaugh hearing

Magical Butter machine giveaway
Bubba makes Tuddle and Trace do an alcohol inventory
Bubba and Tuddle talk going to Lady Janes to get haircut
Clips of Greezing Tuddle
Kavanaugh hearing
News story of man who shot cat with crossbow

Unsigned Band Review
Manson impression caller

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