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09-11-2018 Terrestrial Show

New shorter intro, Bubba likes it
Rays talk
Mike’s Pizza
Bubba talks his kidney stone and if he should pass it at work or not

Bubba talks Buccaneers
Rays talk
Bubba wants to go to University of Tampa to go pitching

K and N Filter
Bubba talks Hurricane Florence in South Carolina
Tuddle says the cone of the hurricane looks like a head
Trace farts on Tuddle
Charleston calls on the hurriacne

Giant Beetlejuice is in and is retarded as ever
Giant Beetlejuice can’t repeat lyrics that Bubba asks him to repeat
Bubba talks Cowhead case
Audio of Tuddle confronting Mark Ober while doing Ask the Dom on The Bone

Giant Beetlejuice toe talk
Dr. Dan Diaco on the line
Budds and Sudds talk giving themselves oral
Bubba plays video of cerebal palsy kid scoring a touchdown

Fart Off recap
Downs syndrome girl walks the NY FS

Bubba proclaims that we love retarded people
Unsigned Band Review

Unsigned Band Review finish

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