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09-11-18 The Buds and Suds Show

Part 1:
-Crack open the 4locos and talk about them
-recap morning show farts
-pooping at the BRN
-caller “Shane”
-cocaine talk
-we got questions for snake guy in Ybor
-4loko updates
-Tuddle tells drunk story with Bubba and airsoft gun
-Bubba has an interview today so we will need to take a break soon
-Trace knew he was going to have a good farting day on today’s morning show due to what he ate last night.
-What’s our weight?
-caller joins our 4loko challenge
-caller “LJ”
-caller “Steve”
-Tuddle shows off his tan lines
-caller “pullyourluck”
-Tuddle explains his daily adderall routine
-Trace doesn’t sleep
-twitch chat hating on Trace
-we’ll be back in 1 hour after Bubba’s interview

Part 2:
-Trace and Tuddle blew the breathalyzer during the 1 hour break. Both over the legal limit currently
-caller “Shawn” looking for Caveman
-is Tuddle really this drunk?
-caller “James”
-Trace is nervous at the BRN with Manson always around
-Tuddle’s masturbation secrets
-things we’ll do for a laugh
-caller “Bryan” talking dirtbikes
-Tuddle is mad about the 4loko challenge and starting to get in his feelings
-Tuddle states that today is his last day of drinking and he wants us to hold this audio for Bubba
-where is Colton? Let’s call him
-cavities & teeth
-caller “Dave”
-Bubba told Trace/Tuddle no more drinking
-call Colton again
-caller “Jason”
-do you litter?
-Traces smoking issues
-caller “Lummox” talks fighting and old times from when he was on the BTLS SHOW
-Trace has heat with Tuddle for several reasons
-Tuddle palm tree car accident
-Tuddle reads his text to Colton
-whispering Tuddle
-caller “Lynn” apologizing for throwing us under the bus on the BTLS SHOW
-pond jump talk
-can Tuddle play soccer
-Tuddle/Trace blew into breathalyzer. Is Trace over the limit?
-caller wants whispering Tuddle to talk him thru one
-Tuddle rap freestyle
-Tuddle was unsure about staying at Colton’s house
-we got a text from Colton
-what’s the studio equipment worth in drugs
-does Tuddle actually know any of this stuff?
-caller “Scout and Big Gulp”
-Tuddle divorce talk
-1st time caller thought today was funniest show yet
-caller wanted whispering Tuddle to talk him thru one but Tuddle hung up on him
-caller “umconvo”
-caller wanted to buy Trace’s dirt bike and a whispering Tuddle talk thru
-caller just found us on twitch
-caller “jim” wants whispering Tuddle to talk him thru one

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