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09-05-18 The Buds and Suds Show

-twitch heat
-caller with hot mom
-talk traces clothes
-Scout and Big Gulp check in
-Trace talks dancing
-Colton is going to start taking show notes
-Trace/Tuddle 4loko challenge
-fake job applications
-who would Tuddle kill first
-caller with hot mom..again
-Trace/Tuddle therapy
-Trace won at the casino
-One-eyed Joe talk
-daily gym routine
-caller arrest story

-someone went out back during the break
-snooping around peoples stuff (good/bad)
-what have you stole from people
-callers telling Tuddle he’s a liar
-is Tuddle crazy?
-what was in Bfudds trunk?
-how would Tuddle kill somebody
-how would Tuddle kill somebody part 2
-buds and suds (fuck,marry,kill)
-drink/smoke talk
-caller about DUI’s
-boat talk
-wisdom teeth

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