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09-04-2018 Terrestrial Show

Bubba’s mic processing is messed up
Trace had missed calls from Bubba
Blitz has soma tongue

Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklins funeral
Fart Bucket talk
Trace farts on Tuddle

Bubba is in a good mood today
Ozark Season 2 out on Netflix
Fat Bucket
Trace has a weak one
College Football Talk
Mike from Dexter on the line
Bubba wants to be Ronnie’s assistant for Howard
Tuddle correction talk
Tuddle gets a squidward t-shirt
Bubba makes Tuddle wear a diaper

Valken Airsoft
Bubba talks BRN predictions
Everyone’s predictions for 2019 at the BRN

Valken Airsoft
Bubba is going to shoot Tuddle in his butt
Bubba wants his own garden at the BRN
Tuddle to get shot on the show for corrections
Bubba plays audio of Megan’s boyfriend from Charleston giving permission for Trace to have sex with her
Trace recaps old Tinder dates
Touch Vodka talk
Tuddle needs a place to stay tonight
Bubba listens to Melbourne

For Hims
Can Trace and Tuddle beat box
Bubba plays video of Russian slap fighting championship

K and N Filter
Man gets dildo stuck inside of him

Bubba has a reporter here
Were look at photos of how good Bubba used to look

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