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07-30-2018 Terrestrial Show

Bubba plays Hall and Oates
Whats the cut off for singing to underage girls
Bubba is fat is from the eyes down

Tuddle is back at the BRN, on the slate
Lasker on the phone, not coming in, having a nervous breakdown
Bubba starts fattening Tuddle up (not a gay thing, a fat thing)

Tuddle in studio
Tuddle starts drinking whiskey and eating donuts
Officer shot and killed in Fort Myers
Bubba doing a charity ride for fallen officer
New BTLS shirt designs

Bubba talks Trump in Sarasota, will Tuddle go?
Rob says we have to go to break

Bubba gets cut off by Secret Service
Fort Myers officer killed
Bubba gets a porn virus on his computer, calls the guy
Tuddle is drunk
BRN scheduling talk
Bubba calls fake scammer to find out what they want

Bubba out of sorts due to technical issues
Bubba needs help getting his computer fixed
Bubba saw the new Purge movie, discusses it
Tuddle talks Mr. Rogers movie

For Hims
Fort Myers police officer killed in the line of duty

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