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07-18-2018 Terrestrial Show

Today’s show is the last show before the vacation.
Rick from Rainbow Engraving sent over some shirt designs.
Caveman is in Engineering, where’s Rob?
When we get back from vacation both Tuddle and Trace are back.
Bubba thinks he’s wearing the same shirt as he did yesterday.
Bubba: ‘Restless life syndrome’.

Bubba plans on going to Indiana needs to pack and get cash from bank.
Pookie / Peaches need to be taken care of.
Bubba mentions Mike’s.
Gene is worknig the system, isn’t here today bc of ‘Bone Infection’.
Ned says its Bone Cancer.
Tyler has some USAC races coming up later this week.
Bubba calls Gene Lasker to see where he is.
Bubba has been listening to some Best Of materials.
Bubba talks about Terry Schiavo situation in detail.
Bubba plays video of Terry Schiavo ‘opening her eyes’.
Gene Lasker and Blitz did a food drive for Terry Schiavo.
Bubba plays Manson calling in as Terry Schiavo.
Bubba wants to call Gene Lasker next break.
Bubba mentions playing Billy Mays Call from Heaven.
Bubba talks about woman who called in about Billy Mays Call.
Bubba found new site with celebrity funerals and celebrity open caskets.

Bubba mentions people trying to listen to the show and how many new subscribers we have on Twitch/BAR and IHeart Radio APP.
Listeners can hear us on the IHeart Radio App through 95.9 in Melbourne.
Ned: ‘Every moron can figure out the IHeart App’.
Caller – Says he’s a former inmate; wants to know if Bubba will buy his ID.
Caller and Bubba/Ned negotiate price for his ID, wants him to call back next break.
Bubba explains the prison ID ‘myth’.
Bubba mentions Jeff Matthews and sprint car shocks.
Bubba calls Gene Lasker to see how he’s doing.
Bubba says there is an ‘Attack Yorki’ at Jeff Matthews’ shop.
Bubba was petting dwarf goats at Jeff’s shop and the Yorki went after him.
Bubba wants some show dwarf goats.
Blitz mentions having goats at Lasker’s place.
Blitz: ‘Can goats swim’.
Goat racing on Twitch.
Bubba asks Gene if he quit; Gene says ‘NO’.
Bubba mentions he’s been listening to Best Of stuff.

Inmate Charles called back.
Was first arrested at 12yrs old; arrested for smoking synthetic marijuana.
Charles starts talking about his addiction to Spice.
Charles says he has to cut this interview short; he’s using his GF’s phone and she ‘has work’.
DUMP – Charles cursed, Bubba got it.
Charles has to get off the phone; Bubba says he can call back later.
Charles ‘Committed to drugs, CTD got it tatted on my body’.
Bubba plays Ned’s Molly parody.

Bubba plays BFUDD’s Apology to Pantera.
Light Stream mention.
Lasker & Super Fat Bubba Lite save a bunch of money using Light Stream.
Garguilo got a free Washing Machine thanks to Super Fat Bubba Lite.
Southern Celeste called in.
Bubba shows Lasker’s elephantitis hand.
Bubba plays a video showing dead celebrities.
Bubba has to check his flight plans.

Bubba plays the Bubba GPS bit.
Bubba pulls up YouTube and does a search for himself.
Bubba plays a news clip of Bubba/MJ trial coverage.
Bubba plays the rest of the celebrity funerals video.
Bubba/Manson roleplay Dalhi Lama and Michael Jackson.
Bubba gets into story about police chase and shoot out.
Caller Luz: Talks about cop chase and shoot out.
Bubba gets into story of daycare worker who hanged toddler.
Bubba plays the newest Greta Van Fleet song.
Bubba gets into story about guy getting struck by lightning while mowing lawn.
Mike from Dexter, ME calls in to mark out.
Bubba gets back into story about guy who was struck by lightning.
Bryan from Ft. Myers calls in marks out.

Bubba plays Ned’s ‘Talking About Myself’.
For Hims.
Bubba has 2 magical butter machines, can’t do You Win Nothing wheel without Garguilo.
Bubba wants to give callers from Tampa the chance to win the MB Machines.
Mike from Tampa wins the MB2.
‘Matilda’ Calls (Dude).
Amanda from Tampa wins the MB2.
Bubba goes over Tyler’s race schedule while they’re in Indiana.
Bubba has Colton come in studio to help weigh Pookie.

Donna brought in some Taco Bell.
Bubba mentions Fred Jacobs; Jacobs Media.
Bubba goes over Jacobs’ article about Twitch/Bubba.
Lynn Bailey from Peterborough calls in.
Colton goes into studio to help weigh in Pookie.
Pookie is 7.8lbs according to our in-studio scale.
Bubba thinks that Pookie will weigh around 10lbs after he gets her back from his mom.
Bubba will call Rob about liners he needs.

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