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07-12-18 Terrestrial Show

Bubba opens with Dirty is The New Black.
Are we too dirty, or too gay, for radio?
Bubba Lite in-studio this morning.
Bubba selling off assets, it’s a fire sale, fweet.

Bubba takes a call from Fort Myers wondering what happened to the show.
Rob tells Bubba about the new 96 K Rock tease on Facebook.
Bubba announces the new replacement of the show on K Rock, The Chuck and Dave the Freak Show.

Bubba is angry that Chuck and Dave can say things he cant.
Bubba wants to give away a MB machine.

Regin and Brian in-studio.
Video of kid being taken away from father.
Mom calls in, trying to protect daughter from rapist brother.
Bubba reads letter from someone shaking him down for BitCoin.

Dave, the filmmaker calls in to bore everyone to death.
Bubba calls Giant Beetlejuice to find out what happened to the show.

For Hims.
Bubba and Ned talk about peanut butter, dogs and raccoons.
FCC is changing complaint format, people will now have to pay to make complaints.

Bubba Army Radio issues.
Frank talks to Bubba about Clusterfuck not being posted.

Brutus the Barber Beefcake is selling counterfeit Hogan autographs.
Mira Sorvina talks about being sexually harassed.

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