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07-11-18 Terrestrial Show

Bubba Lite is in-studio this morning.
Bubba plays Million Dollar Man WWE intro for Bubba Lite.
Bubba invites Rick from Rainbow Engraving to sit in on the show.

Bubba Lite in-studio.
Bubba Lite tells story of how he got pulled over on the way down to Tampa.
Bubba Lite has an air conditioning issue in his hotel room.
Bubba invites anyone who has his cell phone number to text him when they want to co-host the show.

Bubba talks about his relationship with Doug Clem.
Doug texts Bubba, but Bubba doesn’t text Doug back.
Eli from Fort Myers calls in to find out why the show isn’t on on KRock.

The Twitch chat is hating on Bubba Lite.
Ashley from Tampa calls in, loves Bubba and the show.
Scout and Big Gulp call in to talk having sex with Bubba.
Bubba talks his pool table and selling it.

For Hims.
Bubba cuts liners for Peterborough affiliate.
Unsigned Band Review leads to talk of American History.

Magical Butter and Elder Ford mentions.
Emails – BAR issues.
Bubba gets a call about Fort Myers.
Ned tells former Fort Myers listener to fuck off.

Bubba plays video of Forensic Steve’s world.
Golden Ticket Greg calls in with praise for Bubba.


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