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07-09-2018 Terrestrial Show

Rough start to the show, no music.
Ned clonks Bubba to begin the show.
Lasker isn’t in this morning.
Bubba calls Lasker live.
Lasker – high on Xanax driving to work.

Bubba and Ned talk Lay Down Sallie.
Mike from Fort Myers calls in.
Bubba has been fired from Beasley in Fort Myers.
Bubba plays Zito’s liners about the new show coming on July 16th.

Bubba takes calls from Fort Myers talking about being off the air.
Bubba tries to call Jeff Zito and leave him a voicemail,
Zito does not answers Bubba.

MegaMix 2.
Bubba discusses if he should quit radio altogether.
Calls from Fort Myers about the show off the air.

Fort Myers phone calls about the show being pulled off the air.
Bubba directs listeners to Twitch.
Caller James, from Fort Myers, wants to know what happens to advertising rates if they are paying for Bubba and not getting him.
Greenstein Song #6 coming.
TMZ interviews Andy Dick outside of the bar, drunk.
Man loses $1,300 in a Publix parking lot.
Video of an umpire losing his mind over being ejected from game.

For Hims.
Calls from Fort Myers wondering what happened to the show.
Bubba talks broadcasting live on Twitch and BAR from 10-noon everyday starting in August.

Bubba wants to make changes to Bubba Army Radio.

8 kids rescued from cave in Thailand.

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