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06-13-2018 Terrestrial Show

Universal Pop today
Even Blitz popped, he never pops on anything
Bubba talks No Panties Thursday and upcoming federal trial
Bubba wants to bobby pin his nose boogers

Bubba talks his new invention, booger excavater

No Panties Thursday returns tomorrow
Bubba talks Gay Pride Parade Float
The guys pick out parade music for the pride float
Bubba talks going home on Monday, keeping 25 and Lasker off the show
Bubba talks Nielsen trial

Bubba talks St. Pete Pride Parade
Bubba talks Friday changes to the show

Boy allowed to race against girls in track meet
Bubba takes a call suggesting he calls Howard Stern to talk his federal Nielsen case
Bubba talks Brent and his Facebook post
Top Indiana Natives

For Hims 837AM
Bubba talks Double Incest TV show
Bubba messed up early story about man practicing oral sex and having sores in his mouth
Caller says there is a skyway jumper
Bubba talks people who have quit the show and come back
Golden Ticket Greg calls in, says he hatesd Bubba

Light Stream 920AM
Bubba talks Rick Astley
Bubba talks woman who is charged for having sex with 15 year old student

ClusterFuck returns today
Bubba plays audio of woman who curses at nail salon tech

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