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06-12-2018 Terrestrial Show

Ned says No Pop on the previously.
Bubba talks the four horseman for Notre Dame.
Bubba says he only needs four people to do a show: him, manson, blitz and Rob.
Bubba say he needs four and a half people, Ned included.

John Schneider facing jail time for missed child support.
Bubba talks sucking someones hair.
Bubba and Ned talk No Panties Thursday.

Mike’s Pizza in the building.
Bubba talks gay pride parade.
Will anyone call for No Panties Thursday’s return on Thursday?
Bubba takes calls from women not wearing panties.

Light Stream.
No Panties Thursday talk.
Bubba talks student who had sex with teacher.
Bubba talks Lasker walk off yesterday.

Bubba talks teacher who is being forced to resign or be fired over transgender issues.
Bubba meets a new friend, Dave the retarded listener.
Bubba talks news topics – Trump in Korea, man flies out of windshield during car wreck. Rodman cries during interview with CNN about Trump and North Korea.

Bubba talks Pride Parade.
European Union says Cocaine at an all time high for purity of drug.
Bubba talks shooting victims of Pulse nightclub suing the club.


Girl calls in for No Panties Thursday.
Laura from Massachusetts.

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