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03-13-18 Terrestrial Show

Bubba’s trial moved from next week.
Bubba talks reading 250 page book yesterday.
Everybody clowns Bubba for reading Dr. Seuss.
Creepy Al update.
Al asks to be unbanned from the chat.

Everyone pops on the previously.
Bubba talks OJ Simpson’s ‘If I Did It’ special.
Bubba plays video of Christopher Darden.
Magical Butter mention.
Beth from Inglewood calls in with ABT.

Sunbelt Rentals.
Bubba talks finding out court isn’t happening.
Clems’ will return for 13 episode season two!
Bubba talks Howard returning his e-mails.
Brent upsets Bubba by big timing him.

Old Bubba 987 Breaks.
Monster Energy talk.
Trace’s Millennial Motivation.
Bubba talks Twitch.
Video of cop shooting suspect in court.

Unsigned Band Review.
Student and teacher deny sexual relationship.

Bubba talks SowFlo and Jay Mohr in-studio.
Bubba talks Angry Panties return,Iggy McGuilicutty calls in to talk moderation.
Angry Panties Calls in.
Three Hizz no Wizz calls in.
Bubba plays newscast of woman who stabs boyfriend with samurai sword.

Bubba talks news sports report / newspaper position.
911 call of woman who stabbed her husband with a samurai sword.

Elder Ford talk.
Crazy woman from Fort Myers calls in to talk stabbing her boyfriend.
Bubba plays video of asian woman blocking parking spot.

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