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02-13-18 Terrestrial Show

Everyone pops on the previous.
Bubba has a gutteral pop.

Janie Cakes is moving to Tampa.
HVAC talk.
25’s looking for a job.
Ned Shot today.

Magical Butter talk.
Amy from Rainbow Graphics.
Riley calls in, wants to win a Magical Butter machine.
Riley’s promo video for Trace’s big jump.
Bubba says he wants to quit regular radio and start doing Twitch only.

Smile upside down.
Bubba talks about why the internet is down.
Bubba’s weird Valken airsoft comparison.
Bubba talks Twitch schedule.
Mike’s Pizza Order.

Woman calls in wanting to know if Bubba’s foundation will help officers in Ohio.
Guy calls in to ask if BRP is going to be on MavTV.
Emails – Bubba talks windsor knot.
Bubba needs a new bike for Trace to jump the pond, but doesn’t have one.
News – Mom in Arizona is mad that students can’t say no to being invited to dance.
Bubba talks Lynn Carr and his email to Bubba.

BRP Sprint Car mention.
Trace’s Millennial Motivation 2.
Trace and Bubba calls Lasker to see if he can go to the movies.
Trace calls PBR to confirm boxing match.
Bubba talks email from Lynn Carr.
Tom Brady’s agent is mocked by WEEI hosts.

Bubba talks explosion that killed a guy.
Bubba tries to call WJRR radio hosts.
Olympics Talk.
Woman is fired after complaining about not getting a tip.

Trace’s Millennial Minute.
Trace calls Lasker and PBR.
Woman complains after her dad is discriminated against during job interview because his English sucks.

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