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09-13-17 Terrestrial Show

On The Show…

Hour 1
– Everyone pops on the previously.
– Bubba talks about Howard and sending him audio.
– Bubba talks about Brent Hatley.
– Bubba sends the Bullpen on a secret mission.
– Bubba wants to call Lasker.
– Bubba mentions Brent Hatley Concert.

Hour 2
– Bubba wants to use all the power everywhere.
– Bubba talks about taking the Cream Machine out to tailgate.
– Bubba calls Lasker and leaves him a voicemail before surgery.
– Bubba puts eye drops in Manson’s eye.
– Lasker Calls in to talk about his surgery.

Hour 3
– Bubba is mad about 820 WWBA not having the show on the air.
– WWBA is playing the best of Shriner and Fischer instead of BTLS.
– Bubba talks about popping tylers pimple and almost getting arrested over it.
– Bubba wants to know if he should play the Blind Troy segment from yesterday.
– Bubba switches to Intern Jeffrey Dahmer live from the parking lot.
– Bubba is Listening to Fisher and Shriner.
– Bubba plays the Top 5 Countdown.

Hour 4
– Bubba hears that WWBA is talking crap about him now.
– Bubba is mad that WWBA is taking complaint calls about him complaining about not being on the air.
– Bubba talks about tailgating on Sunday.
– Bubba records new promos for WWBA-AM.

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