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06-19-17 Terrestrial Show

On The Show…
Hour 1
– Bubba embarrassed by the previously.
– Rob at Tampa Improv on Thursday.
– Bubba has packrages to open up.
– Bubba has new lights for the studio.
– News – Man returned from North Korea with brain damage.

Hour 2
– Bubba opens packages.
– And now I want them to die early.
– Blue Buffalo Talk.
– Cheap Trick plug.
– Bubba has engineering issues, can’t get CD player to work.
– Bubba talks Nascar win and guys wife.
– News – Woman sprinter loses her wig during track meet.
– Kaitlin Jenner talks at a luncheon, says liberals can’t shoot straight.
– Avocado fight in NYC video.

Hour 3
– Cheap Trick plug.
– Give away Cheap Trick tickets contest.
– Dana Fuchs liners.
– Trace has Dana Fuchs read liners and they suck.
– Bubba plays clips of the Ned and Bubba show.
– Ned’s explanation of the Ned and Bubba show.
– Mayweather vs McGregor fight.
– Jeanie Cakes won’t come to the studio today.
– Video of everyone playing video games and cutting promos on Bubba.

Hour 4
– Bubba calls Janie Cakes since she doesn’t come in-studio for the day.
– Rob Improv Tampa mention.

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