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02-17-17 Terrestrial Show

On The Show…
Hour 1
– Bubba got into a fight last night.
– Facebook Friend – Kriztine McKenzie.
– Bubba talks about Tony B being on the show today.
– Manson can’t give Donna rough sex.
– Bubba lighting off fire crackers, horns.
– Tony B on the show.
– Bubba teases fight he got into at the race track.

Hour 2
– Caller – Juggalo Lane out of Charleston says that it’ll be an honor for Bubba to meet ICP today.
– Kathy – WWBA listener, wants to get Bubba off the air, calls in.
– Bubba takes calls from other listeners about the love of the show.
– Bubba reads emails about the show.
– Caller – Intern answering phones is great and Garguilo is good too.
– Mongolian Horse Genitals.
– Bubba talks about the woman stabbed by her tinder date.
– Callers – Tin Foil Tom.
– Kelly the caller wants tickets to the fair.
– Caller – Tomy Taints Tinting calls in.
– Bubba’s raceway park fight story.

Hour 3
– Bubba talks ICP coming in studio, they’re running behind.
– ICP in studio next.
– ICP talks about touring.
– If not a juggalo, gets punched in face.
– Caller: Michael: Beef between Twisted underground records.
– ICP talks feud with Twisted.
– Bubba pitches having an ICP Juggalo Fest at BRP.
– ICP offers to do private show first time ever.
– VIP best 15-20 Juggalos.

Hour 4
– ICP still in studio.
– Unsigned band review (Cnote in studio).

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