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1-7-13 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge starts the show talking about finally feeling human after the IO plague moved through.
– What is your porn name?
– Ledge plays audio from a news reporter who was able to subliminally include 9/11 truth ideas into a local news story.
– Joe Grumbine, who was recently arrested for marijuana, is a weed activist is on the phone to talk about why he was arrested.
– Listen to Joe’s love for gardening and how that brought him to the cannabis plant.
– We talk a little more about some of the reasons why hemp is still illegal.
– Ledge plays some audio about the negative effects of medicating children.
– We talk a little about the journey through life and how important it is to be able to cope with it rather than turn to psychotropic drugs.

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