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12-13-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Jerry Brown / Josh Brent car crash news.
– Casey Anthony spotted in a Steakhouse in Fl.
– Lindsey Lohan storage unit up for auction. Can we get the Storage Wars guys on this?
– 12-12-12 Concert recap
– PA – Get your Burke gear!
– Man sues Hustler club for a $28,000 bar tab he rang up.
– G.I. Handbook tells them what to do.
– Viral photo of a 5 year old boy wearing pink zebra shoes.
– Facebook interns make 67k a year.
– Jenna Bush is prego?!
– Are commercials too loud?
– Oregon mall shooter. “I am the shooter.” Audio
– A dad carved a pentagram in his sons back and calls the cops on himself.
– Mailman pepper sprayed a 10 year old girl in the face on accident.
– Are airlines getting “crafty?”
– Jack Cates from Go To Casino

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