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11-12-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– The show opens with Shannon recapping the weekend with his daughter.
– Find out how the betting went over the weekend.
– Colin has a bomb to drop on the Brigade, find out what it is.
– Shannon had a chance to stop a high school party that tore up an elderly woman’s house but didn’t. Was he wrong?
– Is the General Petraeus sex scandal a cover-up for the Benghazi situation?
– An airline wants to allow people to stand during flights without safety belts.
– Find out what happened when Mexicans dressed up as clowns and counter protested a KKK rally.
– Hostess desserts may be a thing of the past now that Hostess is on the brink of bankruptcy.
– The guy who voices “Elmo” has been outed as having gay sex with minors.
– How dirty are the hotel sheets you sleep on?
– Jack Cates from is on the phone to talk about the weekend bets and to preview the MNF matchup.

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