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11-6-12 The Shannon Burke Show

On The Show…
– Shannon starts the show talking about the effect on the election on Americans.
– Listen to audio from Chris Rock talking about undecided white voters during this presidential election.
– What happens if the electoral vote is a tie?
– The makers of Budweiser are upset that their product is portrayed negatively in the movie “Flight”.
– We talk about product placement in movies and whether or not the companies get paid for their products.
– A caller shares a story about paying for sex and asks if anyone else has done this.
– How can you tell if you are about to buy a vehicle that was flooded during Hurricane Sandy.
– We debut the new parody from Joe and Christyn called “God’s Gift”.
– Sam from Smokin Jims BBQ is in studio with a feast for the gods, check out the spread on our Twitter feeds.
– Conspiracy Korner with Sean Ras.

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