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10-11-12 Uncensored Show

The is the Uncensored show for Thursday 10-11-12.

Recap by Blind Lawrence:

Ned started the show admonishing someone for having a phone in studio.
Bubba read an email asking Brent about Obama going to a resort to
prepare for a debate.
The guys think all the president does is lie and finger his asshole,
Ned thinks he could do that easily.
Tara wonders if Ned can run for president, Bubba said nope, as Ned has
a felony, Ned said he’s clean as a whistle.
Emails: Brent is great in studio, guy voted for Bubba and got some
merch, woman asked if Bubba will be putting up stuff about Obama, and
a guy is on in a Bubba Army sweetshirt.
Scout and big Gulp on the phone, Scout said they’re broke down, they
went to Publix and got some chicken dip, she said they get a hotel if
they’re broken down, the company is nice enough to pay for the room,
she said she wouldn’t mind doing “Plugs For Pain”, Bubba isn’t sure if
he could torture a friend.
Bubba thinks Tara is playcating him by not participating.
Tara said that a few of Tarlick’s clients have said if it happens
they’ll no longer become clients.
Bubba said from what he’s heard, Jason and Wallace are good workers,
he asked for Chaz to come in and explain some stuff to him.
Chaz came in saying he was doing good, Brent likes hearing The
Woodsman returning phone calls, this led to the guys goofing on
various staff members contacting people.
Bubba asked Chaz how he thought the Jason and Wallace show went, Chaz
felt that it was a trainwreck, but they pulled it together.
Bubba was shocked Jason was late for his first show; he talked about
the shows he used to board op for when he was starting out in radio,
he’s not sure if he can give the guy a show again, he wants to have
the guys on the show Monday to talk about this.
Jason had a bit where he woke up and realized he was black for a day.
The bit has Jason going to the BRN, a dog barks at him, he then goes
to a store and is told they have olt Liquor on sale, he then pulls
away not wanting anything, he then got pulled over, Bubba asked that
it pick up. Jason continues his day as a black man, he goes to the
BRN, appears on the Debriefing, and bubba chews him out for talking
over people. All of the clips of Bubba are from the September 11, 2012
show when he and Twenty-five got into it.Bubba wasn’t sure about the
bit, Brent said he’s had computer problems, Bubba said he’s going to
lose some stuff, he doesn’t like how people just pile it on, he
doesn’t have enough desk space, he told Brent to make two copies, one
for himself and one for Bubba.
Joe will be on to do UFC 153, Bubba wondered why Joe hasn’t been to
Tampa in a while, Brent said that UFC is really busy with events.
Audio clip – Dad accidently shoots his son, as he thought he was a burgler.
Audio clip – kid closelined by spectator.
Joe Rogan on the phone, Bubba thinks Joe could take all of them, he
wondered if oe could take some of the guys he does a post interview
Joe didn’t know what a modern day risk lock was, he said he’ll try to
use that this weekend, he said that a risk lock is real, he wasn’t
sure if Bubba is on regular radio, it’s been a while since they’ve
last talked (February 06, 2009).
Bubba thinks Joe is one of the best guests, Brent said Joe is a very
popular guest.
Joe gave a run down of UFC 153, which will be in Brazil; he said he’s
pumped about this event.
Bubba thinks oe should get real cook down, ordeer room service and get
a night cap, he then asked who has a chance against Anderson silva,
Joe said he’d like to see Anderson fight Ronald McDonald, on the
condition that Ronald fight back, he said Anderson is a crazy dude.
Bubba said he’s going to apologize for being the guy who asks about
GSP vs Silva, he thinks it would be a huge fight, Joe thinks we’re
more likely to see that or John Jones VS Anderson Silva, those two
matches are a possibility, GSP has been out for almost a year because
of a leg injury.
Bubba asked for Joe to promote his stuff, Joe said he has his pdocast
“The Joe Rogan Experience”, he said it depends on when he can do it,
he has a lot of fun.
Bubba asked him about Obama and romney, he thinks he could do a better
job, Joe thinks you can’t be president unless your close to being
bought and paied for, he thinks the NDAA kills the bill of rights, he
thinks romney should talk about this, he thinks we are a thinnly valed
dictatorship, he thinks this is like the old Bill Hicks bit about the
one guy holding both puppets.
Bubba said he loved Joe; he wanted to talk to him more.

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