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10-9-12 Uncensored Show

The is the Uncensored show for Tuesday 10-9-12.

Recap by Blind Lawrence:

Bubba said they’re down a soldier, Brent is in depositions, he amazed
this has been going on for about six years, he then talked about
morning zoo radio shows, he said that he has three straight 10 hour
days, he thinks Manson can say that he used to work with this guy.
Emails: istener wonders the name of a Manson bit (“I Don’t Want
romney”), guy wonders the price of a Vasectomy, woman and daughter
love chicken dip, Blind James retired Galaxy his seeing eye dog, guy
wonders if he can freeze chicken dip, Ned is the man, and a guy told a
manager of a grocery store about the Susan G Koman foundation.
Tara announced the Jerry Sandusky sentencing, he got 30 years behind
bars, Bubba thinks its light compared to what he was originally handed
Audio of Jennifer Livingston talking about the man who wrote her the
email she got last week, Bubba thinks she should own what she is, he
thinks maybe she wrote the email herself.
Aaron from Kentucky said he grew up watching her, he doesn’t know what
the problem is, he thinks 95.7 the Rock would play parodies about her,
he said he used to grow up listening to billy Madison hot jocking
various songs.
Rich said he booked his flight, he asked if he needs to get a rental
car, Bubba said the place everyone is in is really nice.
Two sixteen year-old girls were fighting; one was hit so hard she died.
Bubba thinks Twitter and Facebook are just for people to give
themselves a forum.
Brent came back in agreeing with Bubba on his take concerning social
media; he said that it went really well.
Police sargeant releaved of her duties because of her racy photos on Facebook.
Bubba read a text from Jimmy Klevis: “Texas sucks gold digging white
trash”, he then said that sometimes if you try to be famous it’ll bite
you in the ass, he then said that being a parent is easy, unless your
white trash.
Audio clip – a case of flurting led to a murder.
Pizza delivery boy rapes a woman, he had the wrong house.

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