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10-9-12 Terrestrial Show

This is the terrestrial show for Tuesday 10-9-12.

Recap by Blind Lawrence:

Bubba talked about Photo fiddle.
Texans VS Jets from last night.
Bubba Light, using his regular voice asked if he could go to the
Christmas party, Bubba tld him to ask Wagz about it.
Emails: Local Volleyball player is looking for sponsorship, packing
company wants to help out with some boxes, Megan from yesterday sent
in a picture, she has matching tattoos on each side of her boobs,
several listeners said they voted for Bubba and included pictures, and
a guy thinks God is guilty of sloth for not saving various people.
The Twelve Boobs of Christmas should be up by the end of the week.
Bubba told a story about getting stuck in traffic when Romney came to
town on Friday.
Michelle asked if the Twelve Boobs of Christmas could include getting
boobs altered, Bubba said they’ve had that happen.
Bubba Saw #3 will be starting soon; Bubba explained what it was for
the new listeners.
Obama comments on his debate performance.
Bubba got board with it and went into an Obama phone remix, he then
rpoposes a camp to check for disabilities and immigration, he wants to
run the Country like a king.
Caller had an observation about wild animals and people.
Martha tried the chicken dip and loves it; she asked if that was Bubba
on the tub, she thinks he’s hot.
Jerry Sandusky’s statement from jail.
Ned’s Load – “Then You Raped Me”.
Audio of ick Cannon talking about Fox.
Mila Coonis voted sexiest woman alive.
Keith said he lived in Detroit about ten years ago, his son says it’s
10 times worse now as it was.
Woman saved condom from sexual encounter with police officer.
Audio clip – reporter reads texts from the relationship with cop.
QVC woman faints during broadcast.
Wedding fight in Philadelphia.
Bubba thinks there is no god, as they were all set for a fight with
Octomom, we then heard audio of Octomom doing the Cinnamon challenge.
Audio clip – girl was beaten while her hands were glued to the wall.
A compolation of people getting sick and fainting on TV.
Jason said the fight in Philadelphia was over an open bar vs a cash bar.
Former Bengles cheerleader update.
Woman sues doctor for telling her she has HIV.
Rugby player gets hit in the testicals, plays through the injury and
as a result, had one removed.
Joe talked about what happens when you have contracted a STD.
Caller clamed that during the Civil War, wen soldiers would get a STD,
they’d have someone smash the head of their penis with a riffle butt,
the guys think its bullcrap.
Woman gets stomach taken out afterr cocktail with Liquid Nytrogen.
Dr. Dan diaco on the phone to discuss the topic in question.
Manson’s “rich White Welthy dick”.
Ned’s “neditorial – Obama”.
Nattily Holloway’s suspected killer got a girl pregnant.
Politician has a story concerning slavery.
Ned’s “UPN Slavery Call” (“The todd Clem Project” disc 2 track 3,
“Ned’s Misc Hits Vol. 1” track 15, and “Ned’s Crank Calls vol. 3”,
track 25). Ned calls Upn concerning the show “The Secret Diary of
Desmond Pfeiffer”, and suggests various ideas for slave themed
television shows.

1. “Love Boat” = “Slave Boat”
2. “Happy Days” = “happy slaves”
3. “The Monkees” = No parody title given, operator hung up before Ned
could give a title.
4. “Beverly Hillbillies” = “The Slavery Hillbillies”
5. “the Brady Bunch” = “The Slavery Bunch”

Note: This bit is titled “Ned’s Emancipation” on “The Todd Clem Project”.

Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Clem’s Creek 2011”. Bubba’s channel 10
segment, Brent after losing the election, and Ned whitnesses Penn
State-esque sexual encounters at the BRN, he ends up joining Tuddle
and shannon Burke in the shower.
Various callers weigh in on the Ned offering.

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