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12-29-11 Dangerous Conversation with Scott Ledger

On The Show…
– Ledge opens the show with an audio piece devoted to the word Fuck.
– DC touches on the Ron Paul slander in the media. Hear the newest updates.
– Is America becoming a “Truther Nation”? Ledge and Revere give their reasons.
– Follow the money; DC talks about our fiat currency and how watered down the dollar’s value is.
– Listen to audio of Grayson and Bernanki talking about the trillions of dollars missing from the books.
– Why was the cast of “Mythbusters” silenced when trying to air an episode on RFID chips?
– If you could have your own floating island, what would it be called?
– Hear an interview between Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura about war.
– Did the X-uploads predict 9-11 with an episode that was pulled off air?
– Ledge explains what might happen if Ron Paul is elected.

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